Map the Is, Should Be and Could Be of the transformation you want to realize.


Share the vision of where you are going and get buy-in for the journey.


Turn vision into action and set the measurement mechanisms to track progress.


See the progress of transformation through observation and automation.

What Is the Value of Transformation?

Effectively communicate the need for transformation

Persuade internal audience of the need for change by clearly connecting the dots visually, in the unique language of your business or organization.

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Gain buy-In for the how to change

Use the same interface to move from understanding to confirmed buy-in for the actions necessary to see the visuals progress from vision to accomplishment.

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Ensure team members understand their role

Use the visual maps and their component nodes and relationships to carefully define roles and how they work together to bring about the change. Use this as a basis for ensuring each team member understands their role and how others depend on them to bring the vision to life.

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Translate vision into action

Connect the visions and visuals to the action items that get them done and monitor them in the same place. See the progress of moving from what is to what should be.

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Increase accountability and measurement know-how

Clearly defined roles, connected to key steps, actions and how they will be measured, leads to genuine accountability across processes and initiatives.

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