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Strategic Documentation

Identify, gather and track sources of data needed to realize digital transformation initiatives.

Strategic Visualization

An interactive canvas for capturing, tracking and communicating your vision.

Connected Execution

Move from planning to execution through traceable iniatives that fill gaps and opportunities.


See how technologies and teams integrate with each other and add new integrations to achieve goals.

Tracking and Iteration

Communicate a shared vision and collaborate on discussions, processes and initiatives.

Holistic View

Put it all together with one system that makes sense of the many moving parts.

From vision to execution and iteration

Start with an interactive canvas that helps plot all the moving parts needed to accomplish a digital transformation vision. Configure the canvas to match your chosen visualization framework and control what nodes and behaviors are available.

Use the canvas to move from vision and strategy to execution by starting inititatives to fill gaps and realize opportunities. See how the canvas changes over time and view analytics reports to track progress towards digital transformation goals.

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