Keeping track of the customer journey experiences is hard. And yet customer experience is the key driver for sustainable competitive advantage and is a key priority for CEO’s, CMO’s, and other senior leaders in the organization.

With so many different interactions and tools that make up a customer journey it’s hard to make sense of it all. Really, you just want a solution that can plainly show each point of interaction in an easy to use visualization and connect data about each point directly in that visualization so that everyone from the CEO to the field worker can drill-down on each and speak the same language, while seeing the forest for the trees and seeing how they fit within the strategy. was built to answer this challenge - providing a simple and agile framework for gathering up all the elements that make up your customer journeys, map them into different visualizations that cut through the clutter and make things plain to see, and then connect up those map points to real insight through integrations to real life systems, allowing our customers to continually iterate and improve.

Ultimately software provides our customers an entirely new interface for managing their business - finally and truly breaking down the siloes to instant understanding, insight and collaborative improvement.

Greg Marlin, Founder and CEO

Greg Marlin is the Founder and CEO of He sets the strategic direction for the company and uses to both communicate the vision and direction to the team and monitor progress through his own feedback loops. He also leads DemandGen, Sales and Technology. He has over 15 years in founding and leading successful startups. His main passion outside of work is weight training and endurance sports. He recently completed a 10-mile swim, previously completed an Ironman and is now in training for his first full-contact MMA fight.

Tim Trinh, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering

Tim Trinh is the Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Tim is responsible for product development and leading our ever-growing team of developers building on our cutting-edge technology stack. He is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with over 25-years in software development, R&D and business development experience, and currently holds 17 patents. His main hobbies are playing tennis, volunteering in the community, mentoring startups, and he is a big Ottawa Senators fan.

Michael Kovalio, VP of Marketing

He is responsible for recruiting and managing the teams that build the company’s brand, content, and community in the market and also represents the company as its most senior executive in Asia. Born in Japan and raised in Israel Michael has gone on to earn degrees in Canada, Mexico and an MBA in Taiwan before starting a consulting agency helping Asian firms develop successful global brands and promoting them internationally. When not building standard operating procedures into the DNA of the marketing team and throughout the company, he keeps busy with weight training and looking after his two young sons.

Graeme Chase, Director of Solutions

Graeme Chase is the Director of Solutions at Graeme works with our clients to analyze needs, identify issues, help design and implement solutions leading to strengthened client service. A seasoned analyst and project leader, Graeme offer’s 27 varied years successfully designing, strengthening and implementing customer focused, mission critical solutions. Personal favourite’s to date include strengthening a successful cosmetics and day spa brand, designing and implementing structures for delivery Canadian Election’s and delivering infrastructure solutions for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. Outside of work, he keeps busy rowing, coaching rowing, building things and can often be found lost in another book.