Keeping track of the customer journey experiences is hard. And yet customer experience is the key driver for sustainable competitive advantage and is a key priority for CEO’s, CMO’s, and other senior leaders in the organization.

With so many different interactions and tools that make up a customer journey it’s hard to make sense of it all. Really, you just want a solution that can plainly show each point of interaction in an easy to use visualization and connect data about each point directly in that visualization so that everyone from the CEO to the field worker can drill-down on each and speak the same language, while seeing the forest for the trees and seeing how they fit within the strategy. was built to answer this challenge - providing a simple and agile framework for gathering up all the elements that make up your customer journeys, map them into different visualizations that cut through the clutter and make things plain to see, and then connect up those map points to real insight through integrations to real life systems, allowing our customers to continually iterate and improve.

Ultimately software provides our customers an entirely new interface for managing their business - finally and truly breaking down the siloes to instant understanding, insight and collaborative improvement.

Greg Marlin, Founder and CEO/CTO

Greg is the Founder and CEO/CTO of He has over 20 years business experience, most of which has been working in some version of B2B SaaS. He previously founded a leading content marketing software company and one of the first global web TV channels. He sets the vision for the company and implements it through technology and services development. He has a keen understanding of the strategy and tactics required at each stage of the SaaS customer journey and that informs every part of the product. He loves working directly with customers and working collaboratively with them to continually improve the value of the solution. Outside of work, Greg’s main passion is the accomplishment of physical and mental challenges. He recently completed a 10-mile swim, previously completed an Ironman, and is currently training for his first full-contact MMA fight.

Tim Trinh, Co-Founder

Tim co-founded the company with Greg and led the product development team in building the version 1 of the product, including the serverless technology foundation and an implementation of Angular 2 just as beta was released. He is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with over 25-years in software development, R&D, and business development and currently holds over 17 patents. He is an active member of the technology community in Ottawa, Canada. thanks him for his contributions to the founding of the company.