Connecting the Dots of Digital Transformation

Without the right canvas it is difficult to visualize the connection between touchpoints, technologies, data, initiatives and teams
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Hard to visualize connections using tables

Tables of rows and columns, such as those found in spreadsheets, do a poor job of mapping connections across multiple dimensions and entities. It is easier to visualize connections through nodes and edges.

To solve this challenge requires configurable software purpose-built for connecting dots and showing their relationship to each other.

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Many moving interconnected parts

From teams and initiatives, to technologies and data, there are many moving and connected parts that make up digital transformation efforts.

Visualizing the connections and relationships between them, as well as the gaps where integrations or elements are missing is of critical importance.

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Connections help show key gaps

Seeing all of the composite parts together in one accessible view makes the gaps in different contexts, such as touchpoints in a customer journey, plain to see for all.

Identifying gaps, such as lack of resources, inefficient or non-existent collaboration, lack of needed data sources, lack of key integrations and more, helps to quickly start initiatives to fill them.

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An interactive canvas helps facilitate action to close gaps

Interactive elements of the canvas help to create and track new initiatives, including the necessary contexts, to help fill identified gaps - saving time and simplifying the process.

This strategic canvas-centric mode of moving from vision and gap-identification to execution and iteration creates a natural and repeatable way of collaborating to achieve digital transformation goals.

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