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Configure an interactive canvas to match your customer journey and plot your technologies, teams and processes at each touchpoint
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Connect the dots across the customer journey

From touchpoints to stages, teams to technologies, initiatives to processes, key personas to channels, and more, there are many dots that make up customer journeys.

By using an interactive canvas instead of, or in addition to, traditional paper and sticky-notes, teams can add and connect many different types of dots, see how they connect, and view them from different perspectives.

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Identify gaps and opportunities at each touchpoint and stage

By viewing your customer journey as an interactive canvas connecting elements to each touchpoing and stage, it becomes easy to identify gaps and opportunities visually.

This visual reference makes it easy to communicate these across teams and functions and move from identification to execution.

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Enable effective collaboration through a shared vision

A shared vision creates shared understanding based on a framework that is understood by all involved. As execution gets tracked over time, teams and team members can connect their involvement to visual changes.

This communal point of reference enhances communication and transparency, enabling ever more effective collaboration over time.

Visualize multiple moving parts in one view

Part of the difficulty in effective collaboration is the inability to connect several moving parts that are running in parallel. The ability to easily view these parts and how they interrelate removes this challenge.

Filter and segment the parts to move from a high-level to a granular view of individual areas you want to focus on.

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Plot the changes over time

The interactivity of the canvas allows for viewing changes over time. This is particularly important for showing how an initial state is moving to a goal state through initiatives and investments.

The connection of the map to actual data allows for additional reporting and analytics outside the canvas that also display changes over time.

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