Digital Transformation Canvas

An interactive visualization tool purpose-built for mapping technologies, teams, data, and initiatives within a digital transformation framework
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A central tool for digital transformation management

Visualize the moving parts that make up digital transformation in an interactive canvas. By viewing the interconnection between teams, technologies, initiatives and more users gain a unique view into gaps and opportunities.

The interactive nature of the canvas makes it a central tool for planning and communicating the current state and the goal state of digital transformation.

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Can be configured to match your chosen frameworks

There are many frameworks such as a customer journey, a marketing stack or more that are traditionally done on paper. While useful, the static nature of that medium makes it difficult to be used as a regular and ongoing tool for planning, execution, tracking and iteration. .

By configuring the canvas as an interactive version of those used by the organization, it becomes a central tool for strategy and execution.

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Represents an interactive view of your vision

Plotting your vision on a dynamic canvas allows you to filter and move what's there to create new visualizations and segmentations. This interactive view creates new opportunities for insights and communication.

Built-in behaviors and embedded information make the plotting of that information and relationships automatic, saving time and making sure nothing gets missed.

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Easily move from vision and strategy to execution

Each canvas contains options to create new initiatives and actions directly from its interactive view. By moving directly from a specific context in the canvas to an initiative, that context gets passed to the initiative and its progress can be monitored in the view. .

Using the canvas as the main central tool for vision, execution and tracking builds a repeatable structure for execution and shared understanding across teams and objectives. .

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Measure progress over time

Progress can be measured in the canvas but also in configurable analytics tools. Since many transformation projects are measured in months and years, it is important to see how initiatives and decisions have effected change over time.

These reports and views of progress can be communicated in shared, both within the dashboard and through shareable media such as downloadable PDF's, creating a consistent reporting framework for different internal audiences.

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