The Chaos of Digital Transformation

Without an Enterprise Modeling Framework it is hard to keep track of the moving parts
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Many Different Teams

Digital transformation efforts span the organization, from marketing to sales, success to corporate development. Aligning these teams around technologies, processes and a shared vision is difficult.

As inititiatives are delivered and priorities shift over time, it is hard to keep everyone on track with a shared understanding of direction, gaps, and what's been accomplished along the way.

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Disparate Technologies

Many different technologies are used across the teams involved in digital transformation, and even within the teams. It is difficult with existing systems to visualize how they fit together and what goals they achieve.

The lack of integration of many these technologies strands their data and insight and acts as the #1 barrier to accomplishing the success of digital transformation initiatives.

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Finding a Balance Between Structure and Flexibility

Digital transformation encompasses many different initiatives and processes across different parts of the organization. In order to create predictability and traceability structure is sought for those processes.

At the same time, a key goal of digital transformation is to make the organization more agile and be able to iterate. A system that provides both structure and flexibility is therefore needed.

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Searching For Repeatable Templates

The need for alignment across many initiatives and teams creates the need for repeatable structures that can be measured and optimized.

Processes should be connected to initiative types and those should be connected to vision and goals. By abstracting processes, active discussion, measurement and iteration can happen at that level.

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The Need for A System of Record

The many moving parts, on a longer time horizon, creates the need for transparency, traceability, consistency and alignment. With the different teams and initiatives it also requires controlled yet easy access.

This is best served by a system of record purpose-built for managing digital transformation.

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