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A canvas for communicating situations, gaps and opportunities

An interactive canvas helps to communicate current state, goal state, and gaps and opportunities to get there.

The ability to configure the canvas, its elements and behaviors to match your approach and methodology makes it a great communication and planning tool for your service to customers.

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Interactivity between vision and delivery

Since the canvas is connected to core data and initiatives, it can be used not only to plan but also to track delivery and show progress and results.

The view builds strategic contexts that are passed both to execution and to reporting.

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Flexibility and security to load proprietary data and white-label tools

Leverage and extend our existing library of node elements and behaviors or load your own proprietary data set to use on your configured canvas.

To further brand the application and toolset as part of your strategic service delivery, white-labeling can be made available.

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Accommodation for different service models

Whether you are a management consulting, agency, analyst firm or beyond, the configurability of the application can serve many different models.

And that can include both being part of and leveraging the digital transformation services marketplace.

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Growth through partnerships

At we value our partners and are open to new ideas and viewpoints.

If you have a vision for how this could work for your firm, don't hesitate to reach out and discuss with us.

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