Integration Planning Software

Visualize how your software fits within a larger ecosystem of technologies that are relevant as solutions to customers digital transformation efforts
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Create a vision for integrations

Build different ecosystem views to see how your product fits within larger customer solutions.

Plan integration investments based on value to customers and opportunities for growth. Use the same views to communicate value to customers and prospects.

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Identify gaps and opportunities

Plot your competitors and their integrations on the same map and identify integration solution gaps. Find opportunities for competitive and customer-solution-driven market differentiation.

Build different views and drill-down on segments to find different types of gaps and opportunities, while measuring the cost-benefit for different integration investments.

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Move from vision to execution

Use the interactive canvas to directly create initiatives to fill integration gaps and opportunities, either through internal development, by leveraging integration development services or the services marketplace.

Track the progress and ROI of integration initiatives through the canvas, through connected analytics reports, or through integrations with other business systems.

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Enable sales through predictable integration development

Leverage templates for internal and external service development to make integrations a predictable part of closing deals that your sales and marketing team can rely on in communicating with prospects and customers.

Never let another integration request get in the way of growing sales and creating success for customers.

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Enable growth through integration marketing

Having invested in integrations and listing on the exchanges of partners, access tools and strategies for marketing and maximizing those integrations to drive sales and strategic relationships.

Build the availability of marketing opportunities for specific integrations into your integration investment decisions and track the effectiveness of those decisions post-investment both from a development and marketing perspective.

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