The Demand for Integrations Outstrips Ability to Deliver

Finding a reliable way to deliver integrations without taxing their existing dev team will power growth for software vendors
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Lack of integration support is a barrier to sale

Customers and prospects want systems that work together to create overall solutions across teams and functions in the organization.

Integration support is an increasingly important checkbox on the decision list. The inability to respond to prospect and customer demands in a predictable way is holding back sales growth at many vendors.

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It is the #1 cause of digital transformation not working

Enterprise digital transformation professionals cite the lack of integrations between systems as the #1 reason holding back success of their initiatives.

It is therefore paramount in importance that vendors give enterprise customers a reliable way to get their integrations delivered, either by the vendor, through a development service partner, or to be able to do it themselves.

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Finding a solution is a win-win

For vendors, finding a solution means more closed deals, more happy customers, and the ability to grow with their customers as part of ever more strategic solutions within the enterprise.

For enterprise customers, finding a solution means realizing the full benefits of technology investments, creating new value-add solutions through integrations, and ultimately achieving the goals of digital transformation.

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Vendors need a framework for reliable delivery on each sale

In order to scale through integrations without distracting the core team, a reliable framework is needed for specification capture, integration decision-making, timeline communication, delivery and sign-off.

Using an interactive integration planning canvas as the center, combined with reliable partners and initiative and process templates, creates the reliability and repeatability needed for all involved.

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Canvas and integration services solves this problem

By using an interactive canvas that clearly shows all the moving parts, how they relate to each other and where the gaps are at any time provides the clarity needed.

The integration of the canvas with accessible resources for delivery, both internal and external, solves the problem of connecting vision to reliable and ongoing execution.

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