Sales Enablement Through Integrations

Close deals and build strategic customer solutions through predictable integration planning and delivery.
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Solve the demand for integrations

For many enterprise software companies, there is a never-ending demand for integrations that often act as a barrier to sale or account growth. Finding a reliable solutions to this leads to a happy salespeople and customers.

Access through a system for building a structured process for integrations from sales to planning to delivery that turns a pain into a competitive advantage.

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Without disrupting existing roadmap work

By accessing external development resources either through integrations development services or through the services marketplace, companies can deliver on time and connected to goals without taxing the core development team.

This allows for a predictable integration development ROI calculation tied to particular sales and sales growth targets, without having to calculate an opportunity cost against existing development goals.

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Proactively plan future integrations

As you become more familiar with using the system and resources, move from reactive sales-opportunity-driven integration development to proactive solution-based integration planning and delivery.

Use the interactive canvas to plan and track integration development initiatives that connect your product to larger ecosystem solutions and take advantage of market opportunities.

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Market your partnerships

Once integrations are in place, the work doesn't stop there in order to maximize growth. Access embedded information that provides a guide on how to market integrations with specific platforms and the availability of platform-specific programs and resources.

Track the progress and effectiveness of this partnership marketing through the canvas, and connected analytics. Use this information to iterate on existing integrations and to inform new integration development planning.

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Communicate how you fit in customer digital transformation plans

Use the interactive canvas itself as a sales tool to show customers clearly how your product and integrations form together to solve larger strategic digital transformation goals.

Share the canvas through permission-based login, output to presentations and more. Provide the whole canvas or certain segments to clearly communicate how points of integration or specific data flows answer customer needs today and in the future.

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