Simplifying Digital Transformation

An interactive canvas, connected to technologies, teams and initiatives builds a simplified execution framework
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It starts with a Vision

A vision, well-documented in a framework, sets the tone for planning, communication and collaboration.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a vision visualized is equally more impactful than one that is written out.

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The vision uncovers gaps and opportunities

By plotting the elements of the vision in a view that shows how they interrelate, and what is missing between a current state and the vision goal state, gaps and opportunities can be visually identified.

Gaps and opportunities include missing technologies, lack of adoption, needed data sources and integrations, opportunities for collaboration across teams and more.

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Gaps and opportunities create initiatives

When gaps and opportunities are identified, the next step of creating initiatives to fill those gaps and realize those opportunities becomes obvious.

The interactive and connected nature of the digital transformation canvas lets users create initiatives right within that view, from connected elements, and pass the strategic context to those initiatives on set-up.

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Initiatives and processes are tracked

By connecting processes to initiatives and initiatives to goals and gaps, it is possible to track how each element is effecting the other and the system as a whole.

Tracking can be done through the canvas, through initiatives themselves and through dynamic analytics reports.

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Tracked progress speeds iteration towards vision and goals

Early-warning analytics allows for flexible and quick changes before barriers manifest. Feedback on what's working and what's not allows for iteration.

This ongoing update and checking in a vision-centric system helps to create shared understanding across teams and functions on what can be done to adjust course and find solutions to achieving the digital transformation vision.

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