The Challenge of Adopting Technologies

Without an adoption measurement framework it is difficult to get the value of technology purchases
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No process for tracking adoption post-purchase

Vendors recognize the importance of adoption and are investing in customer success tools and processes to track that. Customers need their own processes to plan for and track adoption.

Without a defined process for tracking adoption, paired with a system that stores goals and provides alerts and reminders when there is drop-off, it is easy get behind on adoption goals.

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Integrations of technology the #1 barrier to achieving goals

Lack of integrations between different technologies across the organization impacts adoption and is the top barrier to digital transformation success.

Tracking integrations, their implementation, effectiveness and usage, as part of adoption processes, is a key way to overcome this barrier.

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Adoption planning needs to be embedded in evaluation

Thinking about adoption before buying places issues like internal resource and technology integration availability into the evaluation process.

The identified checkmarks in the evaluation process can then easily be tracked in the post-purchase adoption evaluation process and communication can be made with vendors and internal stakeholders accordingly.

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Difficult to visualize technology integration without a canvas

Part of the challenge of tracking integrations is that it is difficult to visualize them in an ongoing way using spreadsheets or static documents.

By using an interactive canvas that inherently shows the different elements and how they relate, it becomes easy to visualize and communicate integrations or the lack thereof.

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Not enough team resource capacity planning

We all know the feeling of "not having enough hours in the day". If technology purchases are made without enough thought to whether the team members have enough time to use them, this will inevitably hurt adoption.

To remedy this, connect the teams element in to check resource capacity, rebalance team activities, plan or access additional resources to ensure their is enough "bandwidth" to accomplish adoption goals.

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