Visualizing Digital Transformation

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Build a framework for visualization

Whether it be a customer journey map for visualizing customer experiences or a marketing stack for seeing how technology fits together across that journey, it's important to have a framework for shared understanding.

Using a static paper-based solution is a good start but an interactive canvas opens up many new opportunities for visualization such as the automatic connection between elements, and how the canvas changes over time.

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Plot technologies, teams and touchpoints

One of the challenges of digital transformation is connecting the dots, especially when those dots are technologies, teams, and touchpoints.

An interactive canvas makes it easy to configure those touchpoints, teams and technologies and then visualize their connections through a simple drag-and-drop.

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Identify key gaps

Visualizing how the moving parts fit together makes it easy to uncover gaps. Gaps include lack of team resources, technologies that don't integrate, or lack of defined collaboration process at a key touchpoint.

The interactivity and shareable nature of the digital transformation canvas facilitates collecting feedback from many different viewpoints. The connection of the canvas to collaboration tools ensures effective planning.

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Create initiatives to fill the gaps

Use the context of the canvas to move directly to connected initiatives that fill key gaps identified. This saves time in planning and ensures that you can see the how the canvas changes as those initiatives fill identified gaps.

Initiatives are grouped by initiative types and use structured processes as their foundation. Assigning teams, team members and goals to an initiatives, for example, updates the canvas and analytics around those elements.

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Communicate results

A key advantage of an interactive canvas over a static one is the ability to collect data, update analytics and show changes in a vision-centric way.

Whether using the canvas or analytics reports, or both, the vision-centric system makes it easy to show and share the value and progress of digital transformation efforts.

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